helping Kids Cope with Chronic Endocrine Illness

Dr Deb

My name is Dr. Deb and I have worked with many children with endocrine disease. My goal is to help them understand their feelings and reassure them they are not alone.

About The Book

This whimsical picture book explores the trials, experiences and feelings of children who are short or not growing well. As told by a child narrator, he relates how he would interact with short kids in a positive way as that is how he would like to be treated.

For the Parents

Dr. Deb has created a parent workbook to correspond with Someday When I am Bigger. Parents can sensitively discuss growth issues with their child and their siblings and engage in activities to help them navigate their challenges.

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Children need to learn to identify feelings. Parents can help.

Children look to their parents for reassurance.

Siblings can be overlooked when another child is in need. 

Family activities create a positive environment. 

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If you have a child or children facing chronic endocrine issues Dr. Deb is here to help. Although this is not a replacement for medical care, Dr. Deb is an award winning pediatric endocrinologist who can reassure you and guide you in the right direction. 

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Dr. Rotenstein I just wanted to thank you for the care that you gave to our twins years ago. The HGH treatments that you secured for them (with much persistence) has afforded them a height that allows them to feel like confident young men.
A grateful
Mother of 2
Thank you so much for your knowledge and care! You have really turned life around, restoring our son to wellness. Wishing you wellness and happiness in return.
Parents of a boy
Dear Doctor Rotenstein, Thank you for helping me figure out what I have.
Age 9

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